What Does Intimacy Mean To A Woman?

As the year passes, many people become liberated, from their principles to the way they do things, including sex. But, what does intimacy really mean to a woman?

According to a study, millennial women are more likely to have sex before marriage than other generations of singles. A chief scientific adviser to Match and biological anthropologist, Helen Fisher, said that sex before the marriage or the first date might be a sex interview.

This is the process where a woman wants to determine if a guy really deserves her sweet “yes” and spend time with him. She then added that sex is nearly a given and is not becoming the intimate part.

However, do not get the idea that millennial women have no standards. Many still demand their partners to treat their souls and bodies with utmost respect they deserve.

So, what is really the meaning of intimacy to women?

Many women were asked, and here are some of their answers as to what does intimacy means for them.

Intimacy means making them feel known.

Real intimacy makes women feel alive, as if a person has finally taken the time to look closely at the profundity of their soul and discover what’s inside.

They want to feel the connection they have with their buddy and genuinely loved. Usually, they’d like to be told why their partner loves them and appreciates what is special about every single day. Oftentimes, they’d like to be cuddled. Aside from that, they desire for recognition for what they contribute to man’s life and to their family. They have to be respected as capable and smart.


But the thing here is, it’s not the sweet poems, fabulous gifts or lovely flowers which most women want. They crave for gestures that let them know how their partners cares and loves enough to exert some efforts showing it.


Intimacy means in-to-me-see.

This means, blending of a man and woman’s heart. This allows a man to see into who the girl is, and he can see into her. Women recognize that being intimate includes combining their life with someone, a sharing of hearts and a merging of the soul.

Intimacy means more than sex.

Anyone recognizes that sex can be the most beautiful and intimate expression of love. However, many women demand sex as an evidence of love. A massive number of them have given sex in the hopes of receiving the love they need. Sadly, we are now living in the world of users in which some take advantage of each other to dry the pain of being alone.

Women strongly believe in equality and they have high self-confidence. They won’t settle for just a mere sexual toy. They expect to be more than just a partner in bed. Although they may experience orgasm regularly, oftentimes they get bored and grumpy if that’s all they got. Let them feel the connection and affection. Although this may not be unusual anymore to women, only few men either are aware of this or take this seriously.



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