Vegetarian Foods That Increase Your Stamina

As a vegetarian, you tend to experience agonizing pain after running or walking for even a short distance. Sometimes you get tired or feel out of breath quickly. Why? Aside from your age, your diet is the culprit. It has been known that stamina is always linked with meat and eggs. Generally, foods which boost stamina are thought to be non-vegetarians.

Don’t lose hope fellow vegetarians out there. There are still some certain foods which are capable of improving your stamina. Read on to learn more about them;

  • Banana

Blended with a natural fruit sugar and fiber, banana can provide you an instant energy and improves your stamina in the long run. It’s best recommended to eat this fruit prior to doing your major activities to store plenty of energy in your body.

  • Sweet potatoes

For athlete and bodybuilders vegetarians, sweet potatoes can help boost your energy and reduce fat down. Considered as a hypoallergenic food and most preferred source of post-workout carbs, this food act as a chemical agent for protein to allow muscle tissue and start the repair rebuild procedure. Bake or steam a small sweet potato to ingest on your next workout.

  • Beet Juice

Packed with energy that can increase your stamina level massively, beet juice will let you work out for a longer duration as it is fully loaded with minerals, vitamin A and vitamin C.

  • Whey Protein

On the other hand, whey has all nine important amino acids which are essential for human dietary requirements. More often than not, this food is a ‘grab and go’, an easier and more convenient source of high-quality protein. It is crucial to have a proper protein timing to maximize muscle gain. It will offer you the ability to get a quick digesting protein every time you need it.

  • Oatmeal

This food comes with high level of energy which gives a constant flow of energy for several hours. It’s an unprocessed and complex carb, which your system digests slowly. If you weren’t aware, slow digestion preserves sugar at an ideal level. Moreover, it assists in preventing the crash which usually with quicker burning carbohydrate. Start your day with one bowl of oatmeal to keep your mind and body working all throughout the day.

  • Walnuts

Worry no more if you’re non-fish eater. Walnut can save you from starving, providing your heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. So, before going to work or school, go eat lots of walnuts.

  • Coffee

Due to its caffeine content, coffee has been included on this list. Drinking a cup of coffee has a remarkable effect on your stamina as it fuels your central nervous system. This explains why lots of individuals kick start their day with an aromatic cup of coffee.

  • Chia seeds

Another great addition to your snack or meal is the chia seeds. This food comes with 20 amino acids that help in boosting your immunity and increasing mental focus. Additionally, they are rich as well in omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Kale

It’s green leafy veggie, which contains fiber, nutrients to cut off blood cholesterol and vitamin K to strengthen the bones.

These aforementioned foods do not only guarantee a balanced diet but they promise tons of energy you can use for the whole day.


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