Millennials and Sex: Dating, Marriage and Monogamy

Millenials aren’t destroying the dating tradition. They are just modifying its landscape. This is contrary to what Generation X and baby boomers have been claiming – that today’s generation has totally ruined and corrupted the whole dating hemisphere as per Jan.6 Mel Magazine featured, a popular relationship and sex magazine.

So, what are these changes? Let’s find out.

Millenials And Dating

It has been believed that the millennials are ‘hippies’ these days due to the emergence of dating apps and their loss of interest towards the real world. Instead, they’re drowned to social media.  However, these are just a few misconceptions about this generation. The fact is, about 60% of them love to meet their new love interest through groups, friends or even shared interest according to TODAY. Only 9% of them admitted they chose dating sites to meet like-minded individuals.

When it comes on preference, said that 36% of this generation opts to date someone from their neighborhood since they strongly believe they could have more likes and interest with individual who reside nearby. The 38% of them confessed as well that they have a crush with someone next door.


Millennials And Marriage

How do millennials perceive marriage? Gallop conducted a recent study in 2014 and discovered about 16% of people 18 to 29 years old were hooked. Approximately 64% of this age group was found single. On top of that, Pew Research concluded that once today’s young adult become 40 or above, approximately 25% of them have never been tied the knot yet.

These days, marriage isn’t viewed by millennials as a mere capitalistic effort. Generally, this is due to many of them still don’t have enough assets or savings to merge with their partner.For them, selecting their lifetime right away will just take them away from their ability to maximize their full potential. They crave for independence to ebb, change and create a network of connection. They never like investing their time as they’re aware that they need to focus first o themselves, especially if they’re dreaming to have a rewarding life.

Millenials and monogamy

Meanwhile, a poll from YouGov participated by 1,000 subjects of non-monogamy discovered that about half of millennials view monogamy on a spectrum as they plotting their ideal romantic relationship right between ‘completely non-monogamous’ and ‘completely monogamous’.

These participants prefer relationship which was entirely monogamous regardless of the age, having 51% of them determined their ideal relationship as zero or completely monogamous.

Truth be told, millennials don’t care about adultery. It’s all about premarital sex. In fact, a Washington Post article discovered that both genders don’t want their partners to be innocent. To simply put, dating has altered hugely these past few years, same thing with the cultural ideas what most men and women value in a partner.

To simply put, millennials aren’t attracted anymore to the idea of long-lasting relationships. They decide based on what they feel. They highly value what their culture dictates, instead of choosing mates who could make a marriage last a lifetime.


We can consider millennial as a generation that is perpetually in transition. Indeed, they are young people bestowed in their self–actualization. So, should we support them in these changes or not?

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